Thursday, May 21, 2015

Happy 3 month birthday Tweedle: Part Dos!

Look at your cute little bug face!  You love to smile and it melts my heart!
This month you had your first non family member babysit you.  But she's pretty much like family so not sure if it counts!
We hung out during hockey weekends in the are a hotel regular now!
We spent more time outside.
And dressing up in our big girl cloths (6 months).
You have been practicing diligently at holding your bottle.  I'm sure in the next few months:)
You picked up a new trait;)
We took another trip to Utah. 

And you spent time alone with Mikey (and he was scared shitless).
You are starting to grab at stuff more and more daily and you love putting items, along with your hands, in your mouth.

We found beer in Utah so there may be potential there!

You got really excited at the thought of living closer to gma and gpa Durgin.

Dad and Mikey took you to your first baseball game, the Bee's.
And then it was back home.  You sure have logged a lot of miles on the plane and I don't blame you for not always liking it.  But you are so good and such a trooper.

We love you so much Tweedle!  looking forward to seeing how you grow in the next month. 

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Happy 3 months Tweedle: Part One

Little Bug!  Happy 3 month Birthday.  You had another busy month.  Honestly, I look forward to a boring month-I have an internal battle with myself as I recap each month.  On one hand I am so happy for the experiences you have had, and that we take you out and about.  You are such a good girl, a trooper, and everyone loves your company.  But I definitely have moments where I wonder if we do too much, and expose you to too much.  I will just have to look back at this time as an adventure.  I'm sure some boring month in the future we'll be looking back on this craving an adventure.  But to be perfectly honest with you, your daddy and I love being out and seeing the world-we don't do to well cooped up.  In fact, you come from a long line of active people so who knows.  Maybe we are just doing what we are meant to do.  I mean, I know we are doing what we are MEANT to do, I just wish I didn't let me mind wander and worry.  

Month 3 started in Minnesota but not for long!
You hopped on yet another flight, this time headed to Boston to take in the Frozen Four and support Grandpa Bonnell and his Hobey Baker committee.
 You got to experience the underground subway system-a true workout!
And you dined at Durgin Park!  Your Durgin roots are from the East coast and it was fun finding little historical pieces that most likely link back to your lineage.
 Your first hockey game was at the Boston Garden.
 And you got all dressed up to celebrate the Hobey Baker awardee.

 You took your first swim and absolutely loved it!
And since the Garden was a bit loud, you took in the remaining Frozen Four games from a Bar...because who doesn't take a baby to the bar!
Since mom doesn't have a job, and dad's is flexible, we decided to take a deal from the airline as the flight was over booked and ended up spending one last night in Boston just the three of us.

Our last day in Boston, we got you on the Harbor...your first boat ride!

And since you peed through the one outfit we had for you, we of course had to get you a Cheers onsie.
Then it was back to home sweet home and just in time for some great weather!  You seriously could be outside all the time.

You spent the month cheering on the Wild...sadly they did not make it to the Stanley cup finals but it was fun to hope!
And you got to celebrate mom and dad being together for 13 years.  We are so thrilled that this year we got to celebrate with the third member of our little family-what a blessing!
 Your time at home between trips was definitely more relaxing.  Lots of rest and cuddles!

 We are excited for your hair to come in more...some days it looks red, some days it looks blonde.
And while mommy worked her seasonal hockey events during April, daddy got to spend quality time with you!  He had to give the pacifiers one more go but I think we've given up!  I think you own every single kind and you don't like any, yet you are always gnawing on your hands or bottle nipples-we just can't figure you out!

Stay tuned for the next part because this isn't enough adventure for one month!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Happy 2 months Tweedle! (And yes, I am late again:)

My little lady is over 2 months old!  Your second month of life was definitely an adventure!  It started out normal.

You continued to get lots of cuddles from Grandpa Bonnell. 

And Auntie Kory spent her spring break spoiling you!

To add some spice to life, you enjoyed your first perogy lunch!

And met Grandpa Durgin!

You finally fit into the cutest outfit ever that Auntie Kory bought you in Norway!

You love sitting in front of the heater listening to reggae...maybe you are an island baby at heart!

You had your first sleep over at Grandma and Grandpa Bonnell's.

And celebrated your first St. Paddy's day in style!

Then things got crazy.  Since mom lost her job March 10th, and Grandpa Bonnell accepted a job in Utah, we decided to make the journey out with him while he started his new job and we considered a move out west.

It was hard leaving your daddy but it was a big learning experience.  Mommy took care of you almost 24/7 and we really got some good bonding time!

On our travels, you saw Mount Rushmore.  Don't worry...I'll consider taking you back with you can actually remember being there...but honestly, one time was enough for me.  Twice was entirely too much;)

You saw your second cousins in Colorado, along with meeting your great grandma and grandpa, great aunt and uncle.

You enjoyed some Colorado sun.

And then headed to Utah for your first ever hotel stay.

While in Utah, we scoped out the area, and mom had a few interviews.  On a whim, we decided to fly to Reno before heading back to the MN.

We made a stop in Vegas so you could experience the slots.

And then it was time to be reunited with your grandma Durgin and meet her fur baby Fu!

You were pretty smitten with Fu!  I'm guessing your an animal lover like your dad and I.

You met the last of your great grandparents so now you have met them all!

And you are now loving baths and being naked:)  Seriously though, look at those eyes and that cute as hell face!

 You visited your dad's favorite place in Reno.

And then headed home...after such a long and full trip, both of us were ready to get home and see your dad!

Reunited and it felt amazing!

We were home in just enough time to celebrate a special day in your life, your Baptism.  It was such a beautiful and special day.

And you celebrated your first Easter.

Which wouldn't be complete without a creepy bunny.

You are such a joy.  You have started smiling and melting our hearts even more then we could have imagined!  The future is a bit in flux right now, especially as mommy looks for a job, and we plan to embark on a big move.  But the one thing that is constant and wonderful is we are a happy family of three and as long as we have each other, we are blessed!  And we are so lucky to have an outstanding support system.  Makes all the craziness a little bit less crazy and provides calm amidst the storm. 

We are already enjoying your third month of life and I look forward to filling you in!

Loads of love and kisses,