Thursday, February 26, 2015

Little Lady Charleston

Born February 7th, 2015 @ 4:35 am
Dad and mom are so in love!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Rounding the final bend!

Oh I figured I would fail at updating weekly.  Life has just been busy but I also tried really hard to relax.  And now....we are here!  Baby is taking her sweet sweet time but we should have a baby by end of day today, or early tomorrow!  Crazy!

And as I sit here, in the hospital room, nearing the end, my ridiculous hormones have taken over and I mourn the fact that I will no longer have my little bump.  Don't get me wrong, there were plenty of miserable times, plenty of times where I ached, hurt, felt ill from top to bottom.  But I also tried to stay positive and funny, and make sure to bond with my bump.  And I did!  Which is so outrageously cool!  

I read enough in the beginning to know that not all people do bond with their bump.  There is the end goal, and they focus on that the entire time.  I figured that would be me.  That I would just always focus on the light at the end of the tunnel.  But once I figured out a sleeping schedule, what foods did and did not agree with me, and how I could get comfortable, I was able to truly bond.  And I thank God for the blessing.  

And going into the labor process is a whole mix of crazy and scary again, and I have armed myself with enough knowledge to know that yet again, bonding can take some time.  You are meeting this stranger that has been inhabiting your body.  I am armed with the knowledge of that, but also the knowledge that with time, things come around, and I will be so blessed to have this little girl in my life!  But I know too I will miss having her all to myself and I just would have never imagined myself saying that.  It is crazy how me evolve...and thank God we do.  

And I know there are people who do it alone, and do just fine, but without a doubt in my mind, I could not have done it.  When I was miserable, my husband was there with the biggest smile, the biggest joke to crack, the biggest hug, whatever I needed.  And it was constantly about me.  We generally both strive to make life easier for the other but this was definitely a time where I relied on him more heavily then he could rely on me.  

I honestly could not imagine going through this with another person.  It's truly ridiculous what this man has done for myself and our unborn child.  He will no doubt be an amazing father.  I can not wait to see him in that role.  

So there we are!  A quick little wrap up.  We'll see you on the flip side:)

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Under the Wire...36 weeks

I figured I better get this out there as I hit 37 weeks tomorrow!  But let's be real, it's all a guessing game anyways.

Check out those sleep deprived eyes...uffda!

Weeks along: 36.6

Sleep:  Bleh!  I truly dread night time.  I had a Dr.'s appt yesterday and I laid it all out on the table.  I have only been taking 1/4 of a Unisom because I don't want to become dependent and if I take more it makes me drowsy but she said to up the dose so last night I took a half, and slept pretty well.  Well, except for the 1:30 am wake up call of the cat chasing a mouse!  I however successfully caught mouse, relocated to the storage room, went back to pet a bewildered Faith as she had no clue where the mouse ended up, and fell right back to bed.

Miss anything: Alcoholic drinks and eating a full meal...there is just no room at the inn and everything leads to heartburn.

Cravings:  Sweets, peanut butter, apple juice, pickles

Best moment of the week: I would have said the Packer game Sunday had it just ended up better!  But we had a lot of fun with the fam at a local Packer bar so I'll keep it on the list.  And Chaz took some bump pics on Sunday so we will have nice pictures and not just my mirror work that you have all been enjoying:)

A little hike in the woods to get some fun shots!

Movement: Lots of movement and I would have totally guessed baby was breech but she is perfectly settled head down!  Huge win!  I seriously can't describe how good it felt to hear that.  And for some reason, the thought of a c-section never really bothered me.  In fact, I looked at it as keeping some things intact, (and I know it could still happen) but it was a total relief to hear head down.  So I guess the thought of a c-section must somewhere in the back of my mind make me nervous.

Up Next:  Pack Hospital bag and just relax...hopefully we can keep the house mildly clean because I just want to enjoy these last few weeks, catch some movies, maybe have a dinner or two out, and hang out with the hubs, family, and friends.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

35 weeks and some change

Hello from somewhere within the 35th week.  I am ready for a healthy happy baby!  And I am 100% ready to be done with pregnancy.  Last night my legs were twitching, my hips were on fire, and I cried for about 45 minutes somewhere between the hours of midnight and 2 am.  And the crying, no clue why!  But I just tried to relax, and let it come.

But it's weird...while I am ready to be done with pregnancy, and I am so ready to meet our baby, my anxiety the last few weeks has definitely intensified.  There have been moments where I find myself worrying about the shock of when she gets here, the potential for postpartum depression, how we'll handle those first days home.  And then I have to tell myself, why the hell waste time worrying.  If it happens, if I'm an emotional wreck, if I go through a period of shock like I did when I found out I was pregnant, I can deal with it then.  No need to give it any of my time in advance.

So for these last couple of weeks, I am trying to focus on relaxing.  On really spending a lot of quality time with my husband, friends, and family.  Baby clothes have been washed and put away, bags are getting packed, and the nursery is coming together.  It is fun playing with clothes and thinking of the little girl that will be wearing them before we know it!

And now, without further ado, bump pics at 35 weeks!

Weeks along: 35

I'm feeling:  I dove into this above but again, it's a mixed bag. I'm sore, emotional, and nervous, but I am also super excited and ready to meet our lady!  It's a really crazy thing to go through, to be so happy and excited but also so scared and nervous.  I will say, for the most part, I just try and go with the flow and it seems to work!

3 Pros of the week: Back on antibiotics to try and clear this sinus infection up, a few nights out with friends and an awesome Sunday at my parents house watching the Packer game!

3 Cons of the week:  My midnight meltdown, the freezing cold, and my hips!

Best moment of the week: Sunday at my parents house-such great time!

Movement: My belly is always moving.  We have moved away from little kicks and flutters to some hardcore fist pumping or something!  I think she is trying to escape.  And the pressure on my bladder is crazy!

Up Next:  We have a few classes coming up over the next two weeks and this Tuesday, as in two days, we have our 36 week appointment where they will do an ultrasound!  Looking forward to seeing our baby and maybe starting to discuss the labor process!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

34 Weeks!

We are one week closer to meeting our little lady!  The holidays are always crazy but there has also been some relaxation.  Mostly due to both Chaz and I having colds but either way, we've been trying to get some good rest.

The bump for sure continues to grow!  I have no clue where the space comes from but if my heart burn is any indication, I am guessing my stomach is being given very little room;)  It's only temporary though so who cares!

Weeks along: 34 (baby seems to be more on track now)

Total weight gain: still hovering somewhere between 16 & 20 (I didn't weigh myself before this party started but I have a general idea.)

I'm feeling: The last couple of days there have been a few moments where I feel scared all of a sudden.  I don't know if it is scared to give birth or scared for the craziness of life after birth but before this week, I had just been very go with the flow.  Looking to play some mind games and get back to the go with the flow mood.  Mikey, my super smart brother said, you know you have a challenge to face.  Face it with positivity and it will go much better then if you face it scared or with a negative attitude.  Sounds like a plan to me!

3 Pros of the week: Having New Years Day off and sleeping in, getting together with some great girlfriends, making lefse all by myself! (I wanted to make sure I could carry on the tradition)

3 Cons of the week:  Heart-burn, swollen feet, cold winter weather.

Best moment of the week: News Years Eve with the husband and family!

To Do list: Look up hospital classes, take some maternity pics, finish closet in nursery

Saturday, December 27, 2014

33.3 weeks

I could potentially be added to the bad mom list already.  When I found out I was pregnant, I spent about a week in shock.  Then I quickly fell into about 6 weeks of morning sickness.  I didn't have the energy to take bump pics, get excited, or really relish in what was going on.  In fact, I felt fairly lost.

By the second trimester, I was starting to feel better, and my energy was back.  It felt great to be "normal".  Every couple weeks I started taking bump pics, I ensured my vitamin intake was spot on, and I really focused on being healthy.  Finding items for the nursery got me excited.  By the time I hit about 20 weeks, I started feeling little flutters, which was weird and cool all at the same time.

20 weeks almost to the day, we celebrated my husband's 30th birthday, our 5 year wedding anniversary, and we found out the gender.

It's a Girl!!!!!!!
And from there on out, it has just continued to feel more real as the days go on!

So I feel like a bad mom, because I just didn't have the energy to do all the tracking and posting and weekly bump pics and what have you.  But I know that I have waited over 12 years to see what Chaz and I would create together and I am so excited to welcome our little girl here shortly!  And I am also a realist.  Which maybe that hindered me during the first few months of pregnancy.  I know this is going to be hard.  And I know this will be life already has been.  But from what I read, it is all worth it, and every day, as I become more and more attached to this little girl inside me, I can't imagine doubting it.

So late, yes, but still worth while; I hope to document these last few weeks.

Weeks along: 33 (baby measuring about 1.5weeks ahead)

Total weight gain: around 16 pounds

Maternity Clothes: Leggings, leggings, and more leggings!

Miss anything: Sleep, being able to eat a big meal, and wine...or Bailey's...or get the picture!

I'm feeling: Excited!  And nervous!  It's a mixed bag.  But really looking forward to being done with pregnancy and physically holding our baby!  I just want her here, healthy, safe, and happy!

Sleep: Ha!  I have the best husband in the world.  Tonight I just about started to cry, telling him how much I hate the evening and thinking about trying to go to sleep.  Between bathroom breaks, leg cramps, rolling onto my back and snoring like a bear, I hate going to bed.  But he just rubs my leg, kisses my forehead, and tells me it will all be ok.  He is such a comfort-but man I hope sleep comes easily again once this little lady is born.

3 Pros of the week: Christmas eve service, being gifted cute as heck baby items, movie and dinner date with my man!

3 Cons of the week:  A nasty cold, restless legs, heartburn

Best moment of the week: Seeing my husband get excited when he can see the baby moving!

Movement: Little lady likes to kick, and kick a lot!  But I wouldn't trade all the movement for anything.  I know she is in there, cooking away, and the movement let's me know she is ok.  She does however calm right down when daddy places his hand on my belly!

Food cravings: Nothing really...sweets, but that's not new for me.

To Do list: Look up hospital classes, take some maternity pics, finish closet in nursery

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Thankful Thursday...

Crystal Michelles Mess

Fall is coming to the Minnesota.  We have had a few cool days, one down right cold, mixed with some warm/humid/rainy/awkward days.  Today was humid, and in the 80's.  But tomorrow morning we wake up to temperatures in the 60's.

I LOVE fall days filled with brisk weather and changing leaves.  BUT, I am not a fan of snow and ridiculous I am just going to enjoy my fall days and hope they last!  I would love a long fall!  I would be Thankful for that!

But to get to the point of this post!  I wanted to comeback with some things I am thankful for today!

1. Always, always, always, I am thankful for my amazing husband.  I just don't think they come any better!  Such a supportive and loving man.  We seek adventure and always encourage each other's dreams all while loving unconditionally and respecting whole heartedly.  I was blessed with one hell of a life partner!

2. My insanely supportive family.  I can turn to so many people and feel the comfort of home...that is an awesome feeling!

3. PSL

4. Relaxing nights hanging out with good friends.

So happy it's Friday tomorrow!  Looking forward to sleeping in on Saturday!