Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Little Bug is 7 months (But actually 8 months tomorrow!)

Boy am I no good at getting this done in a timely manner...but I want something for every month and am so determined to have that!

During your 6th month of life, you continued venturing into eating different purees and soft foods. We picked peaches in the new back yard.

You also made a trip to Minnesota with your dad for over a week-and mommy sure missed you!

 You and dad enjoyed the Renaissance fair, one of daddy's favorite events!

You of course had to FaceTime mom!

And you also went to the Great Minnesota get-together-the state fair.

You and dad met Smoky the bear...dad has tried to meet him for the longest time.

You hung out with great friends in addition to seeing family back home.

You cooled off in the sprinkler system at the fair.

You helped dad load up the last of our belongings in Minnesota.

And then you came home to get a boat load of hugs and kisses from mommy!  We love you Tweedle Bug and you continue to amaze us!

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Happy Half Birthday Tweelde Bug!

What a freaking month.  We packed up everything in Minnesota and headed west!

You were such a good girl during the two day car ride-but you are used to cars by now!
Once we made it to Utah, you and dad headed to Grandma and Grandpa Durgin's.

And made a bunch of new friends!

You got to see Auntie's Laine and Angel again!

And then you went camping at Lake Tahoe.
And mommy couldn't stay away long so I flew in to join.

And then it was back to Utah-another car ride.

You went discing with mom and dad-a fun way to get to know the area.
And we went shopping to find the perfect outfit for your 6 month photos.
You loved watching TV.
And you are really doing good with holding your bottle.
We took in a few local festivals-another great way to get to know the area.

You helped dad around the condo.
Started eating some food more consistently.
You helped mom and dad unpack in Grandma and Grandpa Bonnell's new house.

You enjoyed bath's on the deck.
And bath's in the sink!

You continue to amaze us.  What a beautiful, bright, happy baby.  You are amazing!  I love you bug!  Happy 6 months!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

When your kid is so cute you could eat her! Happy 5 months Tweedle!

Yep, this was another adventurous month.  You are such a sweet, loving baby, and you really put up with so much.  I look at you and just fill up with pride, hope, and happiness.  I am so proud to be your mom and so proud to go through these adventures with you.  

This month we celebrated Julian and Jen's marriage...I'm not bias or anything but you were a hot commodity! 

You took long afternoon naps with your dad.
You admired Prince George's crocs...makes you feel less embarrassed when your dad wears crocs:)
You went on many hikes and got to enjoy your new carrier-you love being in it an taking in all the sites.
You hung out with the dudes.
And were just an all around cheese ball.
You tried to convince us that you should pose for playboy.  That is a huge hell no!
You met your aunties Laine and Angel.  They were smitten!

You enjoyed your blow up rubber duckie tub.  I know it doesn't look like it but I swear you love it.
You went on another cross country road trip checking off Illinois, Ohio, West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Virginia.
You licked chairs at auntie Laine and Angel's in North Carolina.

And took some really good naps!
You visited a Coast Guard ship.
And sat in the captain chair!

You met some lovely horses.

And played on a bear skin (let's hope he dies of natural causes...eek!)
More hiking!
You had your first ocean visit thanks to the Atlantic!

And then it was back home to the Minnie for a short period of time.

You celebrated your first 4th of July!

And continued to enjoy Merlin's Magic Sleep Suit.
You found your toes.
And then celebrated your 5 month birthday at the hospital where you were born.

We love you to the moon and back.  My hope for you is that you continue to love and go to a variety of people (but we will have a stranger danger talk at some point!).  I hope you remain easy going and lighthearted.  Granted we'll take you any way you turn out;) but I just hope some of the personality traits you are exhibiting stick around...you are such a joy to be around and we hear it from everyone who meets you!